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Gnando The Hare Tamer 34515

Gnando The Hare Tamer 34515

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Introducing Gnando the Hare Tamer! This spirited sprite adds whimsy to your garden and discourages rabbits from ravishing your precious plants by sending a message that he might just saddle them up for a ride.

Legend Card: A country known for its rich folklore, Germany has long passed its stories about gnomes, dwarves, trolls, fairies, and other fantastical forest folk. According to these stories, garden dwarves were cheerful, slightly mischievous creatures who provided late-night assistance and protection to gardens and property.

When Sir Charles Isham found an assortment of terracotta garden gnomes during his visit to Nuremburg, Germany in 1847, he was mesmerized. He brought 21 of the diminutive statues back to England with him to decorate his 90-foot rockery, beginning a sensation of bearded garden gnome statuary all across the United Kingdom that lasts today.

Wipe clean with dry cloth. Avoid getting wet.


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